Tips for Bunker Shots

Posted on: 10 June

For many players, hitting a decent shot out of a bunker can be a mind game. It does take practice, and following some sound tips.

Here’s a tip that could help your next game getting out of a greenside bunker. Often a players setup can be the cause of inconsistent shots.

Setup with your feet nice and wide, even wider than with a driver. Ball position should be in line with your left armpit (RH golfer). Set you weight and spine tilt firmly on your left side. Your shoulders and hips should be level due to this tilt to the left.

Maintain the weight on your left side throughout the shot. Slap the sand 25 to 75 mm behind the ball. The trick is to use the bounce of the sand wedge.

Most players who struggle with sand shots are driving the leading edge of the club at the sand or ball rather than the bounce or rear edge down and through the sand sliding under the ball.

Remember to let the club head continue through the swing and don’t stop at the sand. Always follow through on the shot.

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